KAAZ Corporation is manufacturer of gardening equipment through design to marketing.



KAAZ Original Creativity (No one can help)
Made in Japan (Manufacturer's pride) 
KAAZ Engine Spirit (Kaaz is rigidly committed to the engines)

Masakazu Katsuya
KAAZ Corporation


June, 2006 - My father, former president of KAAZ Corporation, was suddenly hospitalized.
July, 2006 - I was appointed to the president.
May, 2007 - My father passed away.

I keenly realized only during this one year that the ultimate goal of company is "continuity", and even pursuit of profit is nothing more than.
a just purpose. Given this, I thought the most important thing is how I should pass down to next successors for ultimate goal of "continuity".
I never seriously imagined that I ponder over succession immediately after I become a president, but now as a president of founding family,
I consider this to be my greatest responsibility and mission.
For the "continuity" of KAAZ Corporation, it's essential to have the unwavering "corporate philosophy" and to "breaking away from the family-owned".

■Corporate Philisophy

Whenever I face with a managerial crisis, wander around in the darkness in business or wondering what I should select,I always rely on our corporate philosophy.
On the other hand, it's the same corporate philosophy brings me back to basics whenever things are going well and bloated.

<KAAZ Original Creativity>

KAAZ Corporation is not a subcontractor but a manufacturer.
KAAZ Corporation considers what kind of company we aim.
KAAZ Corporation also thinks about what to produce and what to do.
You can do anything as long as it's developing.
KAAZ Corporation creates products by ourselves.
KAAZ Corporation decides the price and cost.
KAAZ Corporation also thinks about how to produce it.
KAAZ Corporation sales products by our team.
KAAZ Corporation also explores own business partners.
KAAZ Corporation is responsible for the products.
KAAZ Corporation bears all risks, including development, manufacturing, sales, inventory, and collection of bill.
No one can help, depending on the KAAZ Corporation, whether we live or die.

<Made in Japan>

If it is manufactured overseas, costs can be quickly reduced.
The quality is improving as good as the one made in Japan.
Overseas production focusing to the local market would be effective.
However, if we select overseas production not with clear vision but rather with the reason just " low cost" or "not to lag behind competitor" by being swayed by boom and running for short-term profits, it could be lost not only own technology but also identity.
KAAZ competes on “Made in Japan” in all aspects of quality, cost, and so on.
That is the pride of the manufacturer, that is the pride of KAAZ Corporation.

<KAAZ Engine Spirit>

・Achieving carbon neutrality with engines
・Business transformation with engines

■Breaking Away From Family-Owned
(The responsibility of a founding family)

Some industries directly produce enterprise value by their history and tradition. Some companies develop an own family theory by ample assets.
For KAAZ, however, there is no meaning and no value in history, tradition and family. If family founded, family also makes company close down.
There are many companies which they lost their original purpose and dropped into the depth of misery together with employees as they were sticking family-owned management.
It is not a family-owned to be protected but a company and all of my mission is continuity of Kaaz corporation.
I believe it's my responsibility and obligation as a founding family to create a framework, strengthen financial resources, develop human resources, and create a corporate culture that must be inherited forever, that is, "the spirit of KAAZ Corporation”.



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